R3 Creates new Program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Samuel Earick
Watson T. Walker has been making his rounds through the halls of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, as seen by the addition of little green and yellow people.

The colorful stickers mark walking paths that are part of the Watson Walker Program -- a new initiative sponsored by NASIC’s R3 (Resiliency, Respect, and Readiness).

The program encourages people to take much-needed breaks and feed their need for exercise and socialization. It was an idea originally proposed during a resiliency-focused tactical pause in September 2019.

There are two routes associated with the program. The first floor route is .25 miles, while the second floor route is .5 miles.

Master Sgt. Natasha Washington, Communications and Information Directorate senior enlisted leader, shared why this program is important for the people of NASIC.

“It has been proven that people perform better when they are able to take breaks and exercise. What we do here at NASIC, and now the National Space Intelligence Center, can be very mentally challenging and stressful,” said Washington. “Having the ability to take breaks will allow our members to not only work on their mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of their lives, but to also bring even bigger and better things/ideas to our organization.”

Robert Wolf, a member of the Counterspace Analysis squadron, echoed Washington’s comments.

“These new walking paths will hopefully support individual growth and provide everyone the opportunity to reach their own goals -- big or small -- and strengthen the NASIC,NSIC community when folks invite their colleagues on walks around our building,” said Wolf.

Wolf said this community-building was a major driver for program.

“One of the main intentions for developing this program was to encourage walks and talks with co-workers, new or old,” he said. “We really hope everyone can spare a few minutes each day or week and take a walk with someone they know or don't know and hopefully get to know them better.”

Washington agreed, and said that’s how she sees the program going forward.

“I would like to see more people taking regular walks and breaks to help increase our resiliency and reinforce each resilience pillar, as a whole,” she said.

With the activation of the program, don’t be afraid to join Mr. Walker on his journey around the hallways.