Video by Justin Weisbarth
North Korea ICBM Launch
National Air and Space Intelligence Center
Oct. 12, 2017 | 2:14
The model shown in this video is notional, but represents a principal tool
used to understand the capabilities of ballistic missile threat systems.
Modeling and simulation allows National Air and Space Intelligence Center to
assess a ballistic missile system in a physically consistent way which best
matches available information.

This product was created to help explain NASIC's ballistic missile analysis
mission. It was first used by the CBS News Program 60 Minutes and has been
subsequently provided to other external media outlets.

The animation demonstrate a test launch of a North Korean Intercontinental
Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launching from a location in North Korea and flying
to an open ocean location in the Pacific Ocean. The video opens showing a
notional ICBM on a launch platform. The ICBM launches, showing the first
and second stage boosters accelerating until the second stage booster
releases the reentry vehicle containing the warhead, which continues through
ballistic flight. The video ends, showing the beginning of the atmospheric
reentry, then the camera backs away to show the end of the flight.