About US

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center is the Department of Defense’s primary source for foreign air and space threat analysis.  NASIC is the Air Force’s service intelligence center, the nation’s air and space intelligence center, and an operational wing in the Air Force ISR enterprise.

NASIC is headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.  The center is a field operating agency that reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Cyber Effects Operations.

NASIC’s mission is to discover and characterize air, space, missile, and cyber threats to enable full-spectrum multi-domain operations, drive weapon system acquisition, and inform national defense policy.  The center’s intelligence is foundational and forms a knowledge base upon which NASIC’s customers develop strategies, programs, and plans.

NASIC provides authoritative, engineering-level scientific and technical intelligence on air, space, missile, and cyber threats.  The center’s team of trusted subject matter experts deliver unique collection, exploitation, and analytic capabilities not found elsewhere.  The center is tasked with discovering and characterizing advanced threats to enable full-spectrum, multi-domain operations against peer adversaries.

NASIC creates advantage that gives policymakers, warfighters, and the acquisition community a war-winning edge.

Personnel and Organization
NASIC has a global force of more than 4,100 military, civilian, Reserve, Guard and contract personnel.  The center has four intelligence analysis groups, 18 squadrons, and four support directorates.  

• Air and Cyberspace Intelligence Group
• Geospatial and Signatures Intelligence Group
• Global Exploitation Intelligence Group
• Space, Missiles and Forces Intelligence Group

• Directorate of Communications and Information
• Directorate of Personnel
• Directorate of Facilities and Logistics
• Directorate of Plans and Operations


(Current as of August 2019)