NASIC members visits Goodfellow

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Ethan Sherwood
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Goodfellow hosted and presented to members of The National Air and Space Intelligence Center how we support NASIC’s mission in an Air Education and Training Command environment.

NASIC is the Department of Defense’s primary source for foreign air and space threat analysis. They are also the Air Force’s service intelligence center, the nation’s air and space intelligence center, and an operational hub for the Air Force intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance enterprise.

With Goodfellow’s efforts to develop a more ready force; inviting NASIC into secured training facilities provides on-the-spot feedback for war-fighting.

During the visit, individuals from NASIC visited the 312th, 313th, 315th, and 316th Training Squadrons.

Each squadron produces a different kind of professional.

The 312th TRS produces professionals that bring unique scientific education, aptitude, and critical perspectives to solving complex technological and analytical problems. These personnel are responsible for operating and maintaining seismic, hydro-acoustic, satellite, or other specialized equipment.

The 313th TRS provides world-class international, mission-qualification, and advanced ISR training to develop professionals for the Department of Defense and our international partners.

The mission of the 315th TRS is to train the world's best intelligence operators to support worldwide warfighting operations. The 315th TRS is responsible for advanced sensor training for all services and national intelligence departments. The squadron is also responsible for training international officers in ISR.

The 316th TRS’s mission is to produce the most excellent cryptologic intelligence and electronic maintenance specialists in the world. The squadron trains professional linguists to gain an edge on our adversaries.

AETC plays a large part in winning wars through continued innovation and world class training. Goodfellow keeps this motivation alive at the 17th Training Wing.