Innovation Day: Staff looks at mission from new perspectives

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Tammie Moore
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center
Airmen from across the National Air and Space Intelligence Center spent the day considering ways to improve the organization and enhance the mission during the center’s first Innovation Day May 6.

The purpose of Innovation Day is to encourage each member of the center to embrace creativity and critical thinking.

“We are trying to create a culture of innovation and we don’t want it to last just one day,” said Joanne Skuya, Electronic Analysis Squadron and NASIC 2023 Innovations team lead.

The day opened with a NASIC Exploration and Discovery presentation by Brian Niswander, Directorate of Communications and Information division chief.

“I want to make you think differently,” Niswander said. “Innovation Day is to help us step our game up.”

During Nisswander’s presentation he encouraged others to examine the center’s mission in new ways. He urged each team member to examine topics while keeping in mind customer focus, research and analysis, and diversity of thought.

During Innovation Day each member of NASIC was given the opportunity to temporarily break away from their current duties to research and explore a new field or expertise or to innovate in their current mission area. For example, a satellite analyst interested in imagery could spend the day learning more about that field. Additionally, those with an innovative idea in their own mission area could spend time further exploring that idea.

“The goal is to have as much freedom as possible to be innovative and creative,” said Randall Mintz, SC and NASIC 2023 Innovations team member.