AC Airmen support rotary wing community

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Tammie Moore
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center Public Affairs
Airmen from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s Air and Cyberspace Intelligence Group are participating in the Rotary Wing Special Tactics Analysis Team Conference focused on integrated threats to rotary wing aircraft May 9-13 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

The Joint Conference, hosted by the 547th Intelligence Squadron, will focus on providing national intelligence support to rotary wing operators from across the Department of Defense.

The community focuses more on threats related to counter insurgency which has driven NASIC and the intelligence community to focus their efforts and tactics on integrated threats to rotary wing operations, said Maj. Karson Kuhlman, Integrated Air Defense Systems Analysis Squadron director of operations. According to Kuhlman, this event will provide groundbreaking support to an oft-neglected customer.

Two of the event briefers are Captains Bridget and Antonio who specialize in threats to low-altitude and slow moving aircraft in the Pacific and Central Command areas of responsibility.

“We will be briefing these threats and providing subject-matter-expertise to enable safe helo operations and effective AOR-specific mission planning,” Bridget said. “This event will bring together flying and intelligence communities to discuss and author a threat report that will aid aircrew in identifying and responding to current surface-to-air and air-to-air threats.”

According to Antonio, “This is a first of its kind opportunity to show our airborne Soldiers, Marines, Seaman, and Airmen that their intelligence community has not forgotten them and to listen to their unique concerns so that we can better support them in the future.”

In preparing for the event the captains had to look at support to the entire flying mission.

“Throughout the history of the Air Force there has always been a desire to go higher and faster,” Antonio said. “In the operational flying world many threats can be mitigated by flying higher, flying faster, or going around. But what happens when higher, faster, or around is not possible? What do you tell a helicopter pilot who will never travel above Mach 1, can't climb to 60,000 feet, and may not have the option to just go around the mountains and approach from a different angle?”

The purpose of this Rotary Wing Special Tactics Analysis Team is to pool those answers in one place for rotary wing from all branches so they can build the necessary tactics and training to increase their survivability and ensure mission success.

“Great things happen when we can put intel experts and tactical experts in a room together,” Antonio said. “Each service has a very proud past, but our future is joint.”