UEI Capstone event begins May 16

  • Published
  • By Maj. Deanna Glover
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center Inspector General’s Office
The National Air and Space Intelligence Agency is undergoing a Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone, which will be conducted by Air Combat Command's Inspector General Team, as well as the Air Force Inspection Agency to rate how effective the center is performing and accomplishing the mission.

The UEI Capstone, scheduled for May 16-25, is a culminating event in a two-year process, during which time the ACC/IG team will validate and verify that the center is applying concepts of compliance, critical self-assessment and continuous process improvement to our center's missions.

This is the first UEI cycle for NASIC under the new Air Force Inspection System. AFIS is designed to focus on assessing and reporting our center's readiness, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and state of discipline to execute assigned missions. Under the new system, being mission ready is being inspection ready.

The inspection team will rate the center on four major graded areas, which are: managing resources, leading people, improving the unit and executing the mission.

The Capstone is the last opportunity for ACC/IG and AFIA to assess NASIC as they wrap up this UEI cycle and provide the center with an overall grade. The scope and depth of the inspection is dependent on NASIC's past performance over the two-year cycle.

The ACC/IG and AFIA team will assign ratings based on the 3-tier rating system of: outstanding, effective and ineffective.

Throughout the UEI cycle, Center, group and squadron commanders are required to continuously inspect their own programs utilizing NASIC/IG, the Wing Inspection Team and the Management Internal Control Toolset, as described in Air Force Instruction 90-201.