A look back: Gen CQ Brown's last visit to NASIC as CSAF

  • Published
  • By Megan Coffey
  • NASIC Public Affairs

U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ. Brown, Jr. visited the National Air and Space Intelligence Center during a trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base July 31, 2023.

In what was his fourth time here, Brown received a series of intelligence briefings and organizational updates from experts at the U.S. Air Force’s service intelligence center.

Brown’s half-day agenda began with a visit to the Foreign Materiel Exploitation squadron and a tour of their lab spaces. He then transitioned to NASIC’s main campus for a series of air, space and cyber threat briefings. Brown concluded his visit by recognizing some of NASIC’s top performers and providing impromptu remarks to a small crowd that had gathered.

During his remarks, Brown stated his appreciation for the work NASIC does to support the National Defense Strategy and better understand current threats the United States faces.  He also emphasized the importance of the work NASIC does with our Allies and Total Force partners, helping to enhance the capabilities of the joint team.

“I’m proud of the work you all do,” said Brown.  “I wrote ‘Accelerate Change or Lose’ to explain the dynamic environment the Air Force is working in. We don’t play for second place, we play to win.  The work done here at NASIC and across the Air Force will ensure our victory.”

Brown also expressed his admiration for the trusted subject matter experts who make NASIC the U.S. Air Force’s primary source for foreign air and space threats.

“I like to end each day feeling smarter,” said Brown. “But when I leave NASIC, that doubles down and carries over into the next three or four days.”

Brown has been nominated by President Biden to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council.