Team NASIC awarded for excellence

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kristof J. Rixmann

The Air Force recently named the National Air and Space Intelligence Center as a recipient of the Air Force Organizational Excellence award.

Awarded to NASIC for the period of Jan. 1, 2019, through Dec. 2020, the AFOEA recognizes units such as Centers, Field Operating Agencies, Direct Reporting Units, and any other unnumbered organizations who distinguish themselves during peacetime or against hostile forces by exceptionally meritorious service or achievement.

The AFOEA recognizes a unit’s performance significantly above that of other units of similar composition and mission responsibility. This marks the 14th time in its history NASIC has received this honor.

Notable achievements mentioned in the award citation include:

  • Produced over 158,000 intelligence products supporting the Nation’s policy makers, joint warfighters, and acquisition community while combating a global pandemic
  • The Center established its first Geospatial Intelligence and Measurement and Signature Intelligence Campaign Plan, which ensured the swift analysis of national events briefed to the President and the Secretary of Defense, and boosted combat identification for space operations for Combatant Commands and the Chief of Space Operations.
  • The Center chartered a partnership with the United States Space Force to reshape the space and counterspace intelligence mission, laying the foundation for the effective transfer of capabilities and the successful formation of National Space Intelligence Center

In an announcement to the workforce, Col. Ariel Batungbacal, NASIC commander, reiterated the importance of each member’s contribution is to the Center’s mission.

“This award reflects the hard work and consistent performance that makes NASIC such a truly special place in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community,” said Batungbacal. “Your professionalism, passion and pride in the mission is evident in everything you do, and it is my honor to serve at your side.”

“During a time in our history particularly marked with both tough mission problems, and the pandemic – you all rose to the occasion in support of national security,” she continued. “Thank you for your leadership and commitment.”

Military members do not need to take individual action or contact the Military Personnel Flight. A mass update has been made for recipients of this award.