NASIC Commander rolls out new 'Flight Plan’

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Stephanie Longoria
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center

Col. Maurizio Calabrese, National Air and Space Intelligence Center commander, rolled out the Center’s new flight plan during a town hall in Benson Auditorium here Oct. 15, 2020.

Joined by NASIC's Chief Scientist, Duane Harrison, and Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Kimberly Pollard, Calabrese took the stage for about an hour to go through the highlights of the FY21 Flight Plan.

He started by reviewing the plan’s leadership intent and described how NASIC will incorporate Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr.’s ‘Accelerate Change or Lose’ paper into the Center’s approach to mission.

“The whole point [of ‘Accelerate Change or Lose’], is we’ve got to feel like we have stability to think and do things differently,” said Calabrese. “That we are willing to assume risk to try things differently to compete with potential adversaries in today’s international security environment.”

Calabrese then focused on the plan’s three main priorities: Create Advantage, Empower the Team and Build the Future. Nested under each are four objectives for a total of 12 Center-focused items:

NASIC will Create Advantage by seeking high return-on-investments endeavors, failing forward and encouraging new ideas from across all demographics of our workforce.

• Institutionalize problem-centric mission management
• Explore high return on investment initiatives
• Maintain a scientific and technical intelligence focus
• Improve networks

NASIC will Empower the Team by encouraging units to streamline their missions and find new ways to integrate and collaborate with professionals across the center, DoD, intelligence community and trusted international partners.

• Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do
• Invest in our workforce’s quality of life
• Continue to adapt our mission execution in response to the pandemic
• Refine human resources policies to attract, promote and retain top talent

NASIC will Build the Future to support and enable our workforce by improving the quality of life for Airmen, civilians and contractors.

• Transition, enable and integrate U.S. Space Force foundational Scientific & Technical Intelligence capabilities
• Seek opportunities to enable emerging missions
• Ensure modern facilities improvement
• Solidify center management processes

In order to accomplish these objectives, Calabrese said “we need to think differently so we can drive things differently.”

“If we keep doing things the way we do now, we can lose,” he continued. “I don’t want to lose, and I know none of you want to lose."