Small Business Innovation and Research Fair Visits NASIC

  • Published
  • By Capt. John Munro

In an effort to utilize cutting-edge technologies from innovative small businesses, the National Air and Space Intelligence Center held the first-ever Small Business Technology Fair on Feb. 6, 2020.

Eight small businesses and startups from across the United States were visited NASIC to demonstrate their technologies to analysts. The analysts then evaluated these technologies on their usefulness to the center.

For this event, the invited companies were focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management and virtual reality technologies that can help solve NASIC challenges. More than 100 analysts stopped by to talk to the companies, with 70 completing evaluations on how useful the companies can be to NASIC.

“Having the opportunity to bring small businesses into NASIC was a great experience. Learning how we can partner with them and use their innovation and ideas on our NASIC challenges can be a game changer for the future,” said Holley Robinson-Blouse, NASIC civilian and event lead. “NASIC will continue to build our relationships with small businesses to the benefit of both parties.”

These eight companies were chosen from more than 300 proposals in the Small Business Innovation and Research 2019.3 cycle. The SBIR program also allows NASIC to become involved in technology development from the early stages and offer end-user input to optimize these technologies for the future.

NASIC plans to continue working with the SBIR program and other Air Force partners for ongoing opportunities.