CCDP Graduates Bring New Ideas to NASIC

  • Published
  • By SSgt Seth Stang
  • National Air And Space Intellingence Center

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center Civilian Career Development Program hosted a graduation ceremony here on Jan. 30, 2020.

Eighteen graduates were awarded diplomas and recognized for their achievements by Col. Parker Wright, NASIC commander, and Duane Harrison, NASIC chief scientist and CCDP director.

At the ceremony, guest speaker Marjorie Doyle shared her insights on how an organization must establish its values and consistently employ them to drive mission accomplishment and unit cohesion. She stressed the importance of breaking down barriers and finding ways to create personnel buy-in when trying to institute an organizational culture that aligns with its values.

Doyle is a faculty member and regular instructor at the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics. This was her second visit to NASIC, having previously taught a “Culture is Everything and Leadership Owns it!” class in March 2019.

Since its beginning in 1978, NASIC'S Civilian Career Development Program has trained and graduated more than 700 NASIC civilians. Comprised of two components, the CCDP includes the Senior Development Program and the Career Broadening Program.

The Senior Development Program is a one-year program designed to prepare GG-14s for future roles as senior leaders. Participants gain leadership experience in a variety of activities including position rotations, customer site visits, seminars, and shadowing opportunities.

The Career Broadening Program is a two-year program designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of GG-12s and GG-13s for leadership and managerial roles at NASIC. Over the two years, members are enrolled in formal training courses, travel to customer and partner locations, visit local and national corporate locations, and engage directly with distinguished visitors and NASIC senior leaders.