Healthy relationships key part of effective mission accomplishment

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Zachary Wilson
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center Public Affairs

Forming relationships is a key part of the human experience. Ensuring those relationships are healthy, happy and productive helps all Airmen – military and civilian – stay focused on the critical work they do each day.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base features many programs that help members get information on those relationships. Some are in crisis mode and require high-level intervention services but others are purely just for foundational knowledge that helps people communicate and problem solve, according to Airman and Family Readiness officials.

 “Seeking help by using base resources is a safe way to right-size are relationship,” said Beverly Kight-Stuckenborg, Wright-Patterson Family Advocacy Program Outreach manager. “These are great, free resources members can use and many of them, like the Military Family Life Consultant and Chaplain, do not create any official records.”

Below are some of those programs offered by the Center, taken from the Family Advocacy website,


Please call the Family Advocacy Program at 
(937) 257- 4608/6429 for more information or to register for a class.

 Managing Anger for Healthier Relationships:  This four-week class teaches healthier ways of expressing and reducing feelings of anger.  Practice techniques to help deal with stress, and learn how unproductive thinking patterns may have been causing problems in your relationship.

PREP 8.0 (Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program): This 4-week class has couples learning how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts without damaging closeness, and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship.

Dads 101:  This 3-hour class workshop is a fun and interactive class where expectant fathers learn information on the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, what to expect during labor and delivery and how to help, as well as, newborn care and their new role as a dad from experienced fathers.  Taught by an active duty seasoned father.

Active Parenting of Teens:  This four-week class will give parents the guidance and support needed to turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. 

Parenting with Love & Logic:  This four-week class is for parents of children ages 6-12.  Techniques that are learned:  are simple and easy to learn; teach responsibility and character; lower the parents’ stress level; have immediate positive effects.  Up the odds that you will enjoy lifelong positive relationships with your kids.