NASIC Airman Named Best of the Best

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With more than 400,000 enlisted active duty, Reserve and Guard Airmen – a number exceeding the entire population of Cleveland, Ohio -- few get to proclaim the distinction of being named one of the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year.

However, this year Staff Sgt. Kacper Sovinski from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center has done just that.

“The news of it all is still surreal,” said Sovinski, Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Squadron research and development project manager. “I never felt like I was doing anything to warrant this level of attention, but I think it speaks to the high caliber of the supervision here that has helped me get to where I am.”

An Air Force selection board at the Air Force Personnel Center selected Sovinski among 36 nominees who represented major commands, direct reporting units, field operating agencies and Headquarters Air Force. The final 12 Airmen were chosen for their superior leadership, job performance and personal achievements.

“Sergeant Sovinski's selection is a testament of the hard work and dedication he has provided to the Air Force over the past year,” said NASIC Commander Sean P. Larkin. “This win is indicative of his embodiment of the whole Airman concept.”

Some of Sovinski’s proudest on-the-job accomplishments include leading a four-member team to develop the Air Force’s first laser sensor data analysis training program. He also executed a two-week study and calibration test to maximize the capabilities of a $3 million airborne asset.

Outside of work, he led 63 Airmen across 22 community outreach, fundraising, and professional development events and completed eight courses towards his Bachelor's degree while maintaining a
3.6 GPA.

“I’ve really been lucky to have great leadership around me who took stock in my development not just as an Airman, but as a professional,” he noted. “Even if I was satisfied with an accomplishment they never stopped giving me the opportunity to keep growing.”

While his leadership played a key role in helping Sovinski reach new heights, it was his family who motivated him from behind the scenes.

“My wife Vanessa and son Remy drive everything I do,” he said. “Remy was born last year and Vanessa was extremely supportive and helpful while I was trying to juggle work, school and home life. She’s honestly the one who should be getting the recognition."

“While it has taken a lot of work to get where I am today this achievement was definitely a group effort,” Sovinski continued. “If it wasn’t for the dedication and guidance from my leadership and peers along with the support from my family this wouldn’t have been possible. You don’t get awards or recognition by yourself.”