NASIC Women’s Career Panel discusses “Navigating a Successful Career”

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Marianne E. Lane
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center
The National Air and Space Intelligence Center Federal Women's Program hosted its first Women's Career Panel, Wednesday, May 6.

More than 100 people were in attendance for the "Navigating a Successful Career" discussion.

The panel members consisted of Dr. Eileen Preisser, Director, U.S. Air Force Geospatial Intelligence and the event's keynote speaker; Col. Leah Lauderback, NASIC commander; and NASIC civilians Michelle Busbee, Julie Moran and Sharon Cain.

"The FWP career panel will assist the women and men of NASIC in navigating their careers," said Zarah Ahmad, FWP representative. "This is a rare opportunity for NASIC employees to hear from top-level Air Force leadership, as well as NASIC leadership, about the challenges they faced in getting ahead in their careers."

Preisser spoke about various topics including ways for women to find meaning in the workplace.

"The meaning triangle is what we seek to find the meaning in our lives to fulfill three key purposes: change our attitude, create something that we weren't able to do before, or enter into a new experience that grows our knowledge and awareness," she said.

Preisser advises women to reach for meaning beyond the power or the resources they are provided and to use this meaning as a guide. The message struck home for at least one attendee.

"It was great to hear from all the panelists," said Master Sgt. Asilynn Monroe, an event attendee. "Their stories sounded like many of the events I have experienced or witnessed during my Air Force career. I learned that you must be true to yourself by being yourself when you approach any aspect of your career, and that it is ok to do so."

Some of the breakout sessions consisted of topics such as powerful first impressions, emotional intelligence, personal strengths and helping others to succeed.

"There was much to be taken away from the panel members and the breakout sessions and I hope it spreads throughout NASIC," Monroe said.